LOGAN ENT. + LOGAN EVENTS are the brainchild of Melbourne performer + event organiser Dani Smarrelli.

After years of experience in the Australian music industry, the team at LOGAN ENT. pride themselves on the ability to adapt and cater their entertainment packages to each individual event.

With line-ups ranging from acoustic soloists, duos and trios, small bands to large bands (with the ability to add brass & string sections) and DJs, the team are able to design truly unique entertainment packages to suit many different types of events and venues.

In addition, LOGAN ENT.'s sister company, LOGAN EVENTS can provide specialist event planning,

styling, logistics + coordination services to help create the most unique experience at your event. 

LOGAN ENT.  + LOGAN EVENTS service Australia-wide.

Please contact us for a specialised quote for your event today.


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